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Poke english meaning

poke english meaning

All kinds of gibes could no doubt be poked.
I poked my head out of the covers and stared over the edge of the bed.
Christopher Nolan Uncut: On Interstellar, Ben Afflecks Batman, and the Future of Mankind Marlow SternNovember 10, 2014 daily beast But when the pageant itself starts to poke fun at the contestants, organizers should expect that they will lose all credibility.'Hysterical Literature Women Who Read Until Orgasm Rich GoldsteinMarch 5, 2014 daily beast "Mr.Times, Sunday Times (2015 steel poked a finger under his collar and scratched again at his neck.Molesworth For some moments he stood intently watching me, and then happily began to poke the fire.More_vert, a jeśli wetknę te trzy nóżki w trzy wierzchołki trójkąta, powstanie czworościan.Also called poke bonnet.Dostaje za każdym razem impuls niebieskiego światła.German pochen "to knock, rap both from Proto-Germanic root *puk-, perhaps imitative.More_vert, okej, zagramy to dla was jeszcze raz i podkreślimy, wygrzebiemy T, E,.N.2 "pokeweed; a weed used in medicine and dyeing colonial American, from native words, possibly a confusion of similar-sounding Native American plant names; from 1630s in English as "tobacco plant short for uppowoc (1580s from Algonquian (Virginia) *uppowoc.

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1 pohk verb (used with object poked, poking.
The Sun (2015)From then on, it was a matter of watching the fire, poking in more sticks as the embers burnt low.
EnglishAnd other children in curiosity come up and poke the lesion, because - a natural curiosity.
EnglishAnd if I were to poke all the three legs of this in the three vertices of this triangle, I would make a tetrahedron.From, cambridge English Corpus, she poked her neck and face far forward and had a tendency to slouch, letting the -ute hang to the right side at what appeared an extremely uncomfor table angle.To extend or project (often followed schifffahrt rhein tagesfahrt bingen by out His handkerchief is poking out of his back pocket.More_vert Ile razy mam uderzyć Zack' a?Example sentences containing 'poke these examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.To thrust obtrusively: The prosecutor kept poking his finger at the defendant.See poach1 Related formspokable, adjective poke 2 pohk noun Chiefly Midland.S.Hence slowpoke, and.N.3 "an act of poking 1796, originally pugilistic slang, from poke (v.).