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Bonus locations beyond two souls

Evil Sorcerer : An exceptionally skilled sorcerer, able to wield both the Profaned Flame and the power of Dark despite those forces being diametrically opposed to each other.
Damage-Sponge Boss : You can fight it like you would a normal enemy or boss, but it takes a while to kill it by swinging at its legs.
The second phase, where you fight the Nameless King himself, contains hints of Gwyn's theme, which further suggests their relation.
When Trees Attack : It's a possessed tree that sprouts arms and legs to attack you.Carry a Big Stick : Their maces are no joke, doing immense damage with every hit and leaving tiny points of light in their wake that explode.The music and graphics were nice also.Little does she know, she'll be drawn into four different stories before her adventure is finished: The Call of Cthulhu, Robinson Crusoe, The Three Musketeers, and Jack the Ripper.Jump Scare : They're often hidden among many similar cages which don't come to life.Big Bad : If the theory about him being the first scholar of the Grand Archives is true, then combined with what he was already for-sure known to do, he would be pretty much solely responsible for the events of the game.Shockwave Stomp : One of its deadliest attacks, where it temporarily puts its shield away and handles its axe with two hands, before swinging downwards in front of it, leaving specks of lightning in its wake.Outside-the-Box Tactic : Don't want to go through destroying the bracelets and fight it up close?Multiple lore significant characters have been directly victimized by him in their backstories.Super Prototype : His sword spear is described as the earliest form of cross-spear.

The Man-Grub next to Rosaria's bed drops the Heysel Pick and Xanthous Crown and shows up after Heysel's invasion and chance to be summoned as a phantom have passed.
Nothing Is Scarier : One of them, encountered in a darkened, out of the way cell on the top floor of the dungeon, does absolutely nothing to attack you at all.
Hoist by His Own Petard : Yes, it is possible to make Tsorig fight himself.Lightning Bruiser : They move fast, durable, and hit like a ton of bricks.Sinister Scimitar : The weapons are paired curved swords, than can cause bleeding.Homage : His habit of handing out cursed rings that slowly corrupt their wielders into monsters, combined with the Ringwraith-esque appearance of his most powerful minions, seem spiele casino automaten chancen to be deliberately evoke Sauron.Botanical Abomination Does This Remind You of Anything?Guess what happens to him when you beat him?Turns Red : Well, Red-er.Basilisks Predatory creatures who attack by breathing clouds of noxious fog that curse anyone who remains in them for too long.For he is all that I have." Voiced by: William Houston Oceiros, the former King of Lothric, wanted to harness his royal blood to achieve great power.Essentially, Sulyvahn is the point where the game asserts just how important dodging is this time around.Shock and Awe : Emits electricity.