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The way the bonus dak energy market now operates, people who switch suppliers benefit from the attractive low-price deals companies offer new customers.
Image copyright Flipper mega moolah bonus pokerstars Image caption Flipper does not take commission from any energy suppliers.
They are designed to help overcome the problem of inertia - the seemingly stubborn refusal of more than 17 million UK households to switch energy suppliers regularly, despite the large potential savings available to those roulette online kostenlos spielen limit which.
Flipper's co-founder and chief executive Talal Fathallah says once customers have signed up, their service takes care of everything.
Though it's still early days for Flipper and Voltz, both services are enjoying favourable reviews from what they claim to be a rapidly growing customer base.Image caption Florian Ritzmann says loyalty to energy firms is never rewarded."Doorstep mis-selling, fines for suppliers which mistreat customers, and comparison websites which allegedly withhold information from companies which don't pay commission have all helped spread mistrust among customers.".With other suppliers, Voltz provides a button to let users call them directly to arrange a switch themselves.Ministers and regulators endlessly encourage non-switchers to seek out better deals for gas and electricity as the key to forcing the energy market to become more consumer-friendly.'Press of a button at Voltz, a smartphone-based switching service launched last year, head of operations Florian Ritzmann believes a key cause of inertia is distrust.In a recent report on the energy market, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found households on SVTs pay around 330 a year more than people who switched."We've been offered commission by some energy companies Mr Fathallah says, "but we turned it down because there would be a real conflict of interest issue for.".Flipper doesn't take commission from the energy suppliers they switch users.Savings, but automatic switching isn't the only big difference between Flipper and other switching services.

As other new services join them - some are already up and running - it looks likely that the smart switching idea may catch on, perhaps finally providing a way to reduce the inertia which costs so many UK customers so much extra money.
Those who rarely or never switch mostly end up paying companies' notoriously expensive Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs).
"With energy he says, "loyalty has never been rewarded.".And, if a customer does decide to switch, with companies which pay Voltz commission, the process can be done on the app with a press of a button.As with conventional switching sites, once customers enter their basic contact details, energy supplier, consumption and tariff, the Voltz app will set out all the deals on offer and how much switching supplier should cut bills."We then find you a" within one working day.Flipper's systems then regularly check users' accounts and, if better deals appear, it switches them again - automatically.

Most damaging of all, Mr Ritzmann says, is the way most energy companies switch customers back to expensive SVTs as soon as lower-priced deals run out.